A poorly chicken

One of our chickens is poorly.  We call her red leg as she has a red leg tag.  We didn’t give the hens names like Henrietta or Bathsheba, because for £2.00 hens that were ex barn hens, with eggs laid for Waitrose, we thought that would be rather pretentious .

Anyway all has been fine, until we noticed red leg had lots of poo on her tail feathers. None of the others were like this, so in spite of the indignty of it, we washed red leg’s behind, and for a few days she seemed to perk up and drink water, although we didn’t see her feed.

The last couple of days she has become more withdrawn, just sitting on her own, not venturing out of the hen house compound into the paddock.  Today she is just sitting on the comfy straw in the nest box.  She can’t last much longer not eating or drinking, so I fear that red leg is not long for this world.


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