Learning about hedgerow flowers

Driving along the country lanes the other day with a car full of ladies, I commented on the lovely show of wild purple foxgloves in the hedgerows.  “They’re not foxgloves, they’re Willowherb” retorted a lady alot older and wiser than me!!.  We stopped the car to get a closer look and what looked like foxgloves from a distance was in fact something quite different.  Here is a close up of Willowherb!

Willowherb growing in the hedgerows July 2011

With Willowherb the flowers grow all the way round and forms spikes of purple flowers.  With wild foxgloves the purple flowers are just on one side.  Here is a field of wild foxgloves.

A field of wild foxgloves July 2011

So obviously we have a lot to learn about the wildflowers of the countryside before we can call ourselves  proper country folk.  Currently our status is still “white settlers from the East”  according to what one local farmer called us! I guess  it will take another 20 years or so before we become “country folk”.

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