Our chickens love their greens!

There is currently an excess of cabbage in Buckland St Mary.  Our neighbours have been growing “10 week” cabbage.  The trouble with putting them all in at once is that they all mature at once.  There is a limit to how much steamed cabbage or “bubble and squeak” we can all eat, so they have been offering their extras, or the caterpillar ridden leaves to us for the hens.  And do our hens love their greens?? They decimate them, leaving just the stalks. We think if the hens eat healthily they will produce lovely eggs, which they do.

Hens eating cabbage leaves

some of our hens, brown warrens and brown lowmans

And here is a picture of us with the hens:-

Neil and Kathy with their hens

We’ve had 6 eggs from the hens today, and 7 yesterday.  On average they lay 6 or 7 a days, so basically with 12 hens they are laying about every other day, which is not bad for 2 year old hens.  And of course feeding them their greens help to produce lovely yellow yolks and wonderful tasting eggs.  We provide some to the neighbours and the rest we use ourselves for cakes or omlettes.  When we are up and running as Bed and Breakfast then they will be used up for full English breakfasts!!.  mmmm lovely!!


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