Selling to a salesman

Today, for the first time since we have lived here, we had a visit from a door to door salesman.  He was from Anglian Windows trying to sell double glazing, but we showed him our lovely windows courtesy of Mr Ivor Watts of Watts Windows Chard, and he realised we didn’t want any more new windows.

However, Neil and I were sat out front in the sunshine and there were 2 extra chairs so he sat down and started to talk to us about our house.  We told him that we had been here 18 months and the work that we had done, and the work we had yet to do.  We talked about well water, growing fruit and vegetables and our hens.

Suddently he said, “You have your own hens! do you have any eggs for sale?”.  I was slightly bemused, but said “Yes” and went and got him half a dozen. As we are not yet running as a B&B, I did have eggs to spare. “Oh” he said, “I just love fresh eggs, I always stop and buy them when I am in the country”.

So instead of him selling us windows, we sold him eggs.  Funny how things work in the country!!


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