It’s no Yolk!!

When you buy eggs in a supermarket, they come arranged as small, medium or large – 6 eggs all the same size.  But that’s not how hens lay them.  Eggs come in all different shapes and sizes and colours.  It’s a bit like humans come in all shapes and sizes, so do hens.  We have one really big fat hen, and another that is half the size and they are the same breed.

Eggs as they are laid in the nest box

Sometimes we get a really big egg.  Sometimes we get an egg that has a crinkled shell like it was a lot of effort to lay it.

A really big egg in the middle

Today we had a really small egg, the first we have had like that.  And when I cracked it to put into a cake it had no yolk!! And that’s no joke!  so I put an extra egg into my cake mix, this time with a yolk.

a really small egg in the middle

The hens are on a bit of a go slow at the moment.  Today we had 4 eggs, yesterday 6, but the two days before that only 4 eggs per day.  I think I shall have to give them a stiff talking to, and tell them all about chicken fricassee!!!  I need steady egg production for when we open as bed and breakfast.



  1. Christine said

    Lucky you to have chooks, a fox dug under our gate on Monday night and ate the two little red hens we had. Now we have no chooks and no eggs.

    • Sorry to hear you lost your chooks. We have ours behind an electric poultry net and so far, touch wood, that has kept Mr Fox away.

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