BBQ at Bethany

Today was the BBQ at Bethany in Bishopswood.  Bethany is the home of the new pastor Stuart and his wife Amy.  The BBQ was to welcome them to the parish as they have just moved in, taking over from Brian and Kath who have retired to France.  It was a “Bring your own chair” do, so people arrived encumbered by various chairs.

Arriving with chairs

Neil was co-opted in being a chef for the day, and gladly donned a striped apron, tongs in hand.

Neil and Colin deftly cooking the beefburgers

I made a lovely strawberry flan to add to the numerous and varied desserts which us ladies of the village had produced.

The table groaning with desserts

We had some rain earlier on this morning but by afternoon it had dried up. The weather held up for the duration and many people turned out.  So all in all a good afternoon was had by everyone who attended.

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