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The chooks on holiday!?!

I think the chooks think they are on holiday.  I’ve not had a single egg the whole of September.  The brown warrens are now 23 weeks old and should be laying.  My friend who had 6 brown warrens at the same time, from the same batch has reported up to 6 eggs a day, but ours have produced nothing.

This week we moved the poultry net and they  now have a lovely big run, with a 100 metre fence.  They seem more keen to congregate around the hen house, and haven’t ventured all the way round their new enclosure yet.

The hens pecking at corn

They do love to sunbathe – I told you they think they are on holiday!

One of the cream legbars sunbathing

They also seem keen to explore a patch of reed grass that we have left in the hen run.  I think they play hide and seek in that.

A couple of hens in the long grass

I do love to see them having a spuddle  about. (Ted’s word, meaning to scratch about, must be a west country thing).

The hens having a spuddle about

I wonder when they will get into their bird brains that they are not here on holiday, they have a job to do and that is to lay eggs!!  What am I going to feed my B&B guests?


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Close by mooing!!

We woke the other day to loud bassy mooing.  When we looked out of our bedroom window a number of differently coloured cows had been moved into the field behind our garage.

On closer inspection we realised they were steers as they had horns!

view through our bedroom window

It really makes you feel like you like in the country to hear mooing so close by.

the field behind our garage

Come and see for yourself.  Stay at our B&B.

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Didn’t we have a glorious time the day we went to Weston!

Today was the annual coach outing for the “Golden Age Club” of which I am a helper.  We all went to Weston super Mare.  We left in the drizzle and wondered what the day would hold for us, but it turned out beautiful, we couldn’t have wished for better sunshine.

The sands of Weston Super Mare

Arriving in Weston the sea was out and all we could see was the vast expanse of flat sand.  We had coffee in a little cafe along the seafront, then walked up to and along the new resurrected pier which was only finished in 2010.  The end of the pier is a big amusement park, with lots of machines and dodgem cars, which we didn’t try our hands at.

We had fish and chips along the seafront in the sunshine.  Fish and Chips, tea and bread and butter for £5.25, very reasonable, and delicious fresh fish.

Jackie and I looking a bit blown on the pier

As the weather was so nice, we seemed to spend a lot of time just sitting in the sunshine and nattering, I’ve caught up on all the gossip now!!

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Macmillan coffee morning in Buckland Church

This morning Neil and I hosted a Macmillan Coffee morning in Buckland St Mary Church. It was like a military operation getting everything ready, making lists of things to take and baking like mad yesterday afternoon, to make cakes and biscuits for sharing and to sell.  We got everything ready last night, even blew up the balloons so we would make a quick start this morning.

Balloons and bags at the ready

We’ve hosted Macmillan Coffee mornings before, when we lived in Langley, but doing it from home is quite different from doing it in the church, because we had to take literally everything with us.

 I’d roped friends in to make cakes aswell and other friends to work on the cake stall and to sell raffle tickets.  We’d advertised it in the local parish magazine and also in the local paper.  Over 100 people turned up.

The church brimming with people

Neil and I made tea and coffee all morning and there was cake to eat too.  We asked for donations rather than selling it and people were very generous.  Overall with the cake stall, the raffle and the donations we took £370.00, which we think is excellent.

Chris selling the last few cakes to Bernard

I must admit it felt like hard work, especially as there are no facilities for washing up there , so we had to bring home all the cups, saucers and plates and wash them up at home, to take back this evening.  What fun!!

Anyway in 19 months I think you can say we have well and truly integrated into our local community to hold a coffee morning, get that many people turn up and make so much money.

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Tiny, old fashioned, Birchwood Church

Over the weekend there was a fundraising event at Birchwood Church.  Birchwood is one of the hamlets of the parish of Buckland St Mary, so not far from here. We’d have never found this church if it was not for the special signs put up for the weekend.  It’s down a country road we’ve been down before but very well hidden.  You have to open a gate, walk through some woods and there nestling amongst the trees is tiny Birchwood Church.

Tiny Birchwood Church

Time has stood still at this little church.  There is no electricity – lighting is by oil lamps and candles, and the heating is a wood burning stove.  I’ve never seen one of those in a church before. 

This weekend there were also flower displays, and one of those was right on top of the wood burning stove.

Flowers on the woodburning stove

I can just imagine in days of yore, all the people of the village walking to morning service on a Sunday in this quaint little church.

The inside of Birchwood Church

This weekend a local couple had set up a marquee outside on the grass and were serving tea and cake to raise money for new windows for the church.  They raised over £600 so that was a really good effort.

Such a lovely little church, it’s good to think it is still being used, even though not often, but regularly.

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