Didn’t we have a glorious time the day we went to Weston!

Today was the annual coach outing for the “Golden Age Club” of which I am a helper.  We all went to Weston super Mare.  We left in the drizzle and wondered what the day would hold for us, but it turned out beautiful, we couldn’t have wished for better sunshine.

The sands of Weston Super Mare

Arriving in Weston the sea was out and all we could see was the vast expanse of flat sand.  We had coffee in a little cafe along the seafront, then walked up to and along the new resurrected pier which was only finished in 2010.  The end of the pier is a big amusement park, with lots of machines and dodgem cars, which we didn’t try our hands at.

We had fish and chips along the seafront in the sunshine.  Fish and Chips, tea and bread and butter for £5.25, very reasonable, and delicious fresh fish.

Jackie and I looking a bit blown on the pier

As the weather was so nice, we seemed to spend a lot of time just sitting in the sunshine and nattering, I’ve caught up on all the gossip now!!


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