The chooks on holiday!?!

I think the chooks think they are on holiday.  I’ve not had a single egg the whole of September.  The brown warrens are now 23 weeks old and should be laying.  My friend who had 6 brown warrens at the same time, from the same batch has reported up to 6 eggs a day, but ours have produced nothing.

This week we moved the poultry net and they  now have a lovely big run, with a 100 metre fence.  They seem more keen to congregate around the hen house, and haven’t ventured all the way round their new enclosure yet.

The hens pecking at corn

They do love to sunbathe – I told you they think they are on holiday!

One of the cream legbars sunbathing

They also seem keen to explore a patch of reed grass that we have left in the hen run.  I think they play hide and seek in that.

A couple of hens in the long grass

I do love to see them having a spuddle  about. (Ted’s word, meaning to scratch about, must be a west country thing).

The hens having a spuddle about

I wonder when they will get into their bird brains that they are not here on holiday, they have a job to do and that is to lay eggs!!  What am I going to feed my B&B guests?


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