Black rocks join the flock

Earlier this week we picked up 4 Black Rock point of lay pullets from a farm in Churchingford, which is quite nearby.  This poultry farmer buys in 300 chickens at a time in August, and keeps about 250 of them for his commercial egglaying, and sells the other 50 to local people who just want a few hens.

The Black Rocks are handsome birds with slight variation in their colouring, one has more golden colour around her neck than the others.

4 new Black Rocks

They soon ventured out into the paddock and started spuddling around with the others, getting a bit henpecked into the bargain, especially by the Speckledys.

The Black Rocks in the poultry run

What a pleasure and delight these new birds are, especially as the first day they were here they laid 3 eggs and the next, then 1 then 3 again.  I’m hoping this good behaviour will rub off on the brown warrens which really are old enough now to be laying eggs.

So now we have 5 different types of hens, and we are at capacity in the hen house. We have 4 Black Rocks, 4Brown Warrens, 3 Light Sussex, 3 Speckledys, and 2 Cream Legbars.  It will be interesting when they are all laying to get the different coloured eggs.  Lets hope!!

Come and see the hens for yourself at Lodge House B&B.

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