Little blue eggs

The hens are laying again.  We went from one egg a day to 3 then 4 then 5 for a couple of days, then yesterday 6, so now we are back in business selling eggs to friends and neighbours.

On Thursday when we went to collect the eggs, there lying in the straw was a little blue egg.  How delighted we were to see that.  It is the Cream Legbar hens that lay blue eggs, and this was the first one she had laid.  Then Friday we got another one and Saturday another one again.

Little blue egg

How lovely, little blue eggs.  They say “duck egg blue” but you never see hens’ eggs in the shops that are blue.  Anyway curiosity got the better of us so today for breakfast we had boiled eggs and had 2 of the little blue eggs.  But they don’t taste any different, not that we really expected them too.  I’m just amused by them, little blue eggs from our Cream Legbars.  I wonder what makes them lay blue eggs rather than brown eggs?

one of our Cream Legbar hens

We’ve got 2 Cream Legbar hens, so in theory we should get 2 little blue eggs a day, so can’t wait for the other hen to start laying.

Anyway if you want a blue egg for breakfast, come and see us at Lodge House B&B.

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