Sloe Gin competition

The other night we went down the local pub for the Sloe Gin Competition.  Lots of local people came armed with their home-made concoctions and these were then poured into small glasses and labelled with raffle ticket numbers.  We were then given a straw and you had to take a sip from each glass and determine which sloe gin you thought was the best, and then write the number on a slip of paper.

The sloe gins ready for tasting

There were different categories.  Ours was entered into “This Year’s Sloe Gin” which was the first category.  Later there was a “Vintage Sloe Gin” category and lastly “Other things made with sloes” category.

Tasting the various sloe gins

Some Sloe Gin was very dry, some was like cough mixture and some more sweet.  I think it is obviously very much down to personal taste, and of course we both thought ours was the best, but we didn’t win.  Nevermind, we have a full demi john of our sloe gin to make our way through, and  I am sure some of that will disappear over Christmas.

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