Cats in a basket

The cats are feeling the cold too.  It was minus 5 degrees C last night and although what little snow we had has been and gone, we have had some severly frosty mornings when we have had to break the ice on the hens’ water.

Anyway last night Tarquin our big old black cat was curled up in front of the woodburner.  I had been using a Ghanian woven basket to carry logs into the lounge and it was now empty.  So what does he do but climb in it?

Tarquin in the basket

He didn’t stay long, before deciding to go back in front of the fire.  About 10 minutes later along comes Tia and does exactly the same, jumps into the empty basket.

Tia in the basket

She promptly curled up and fell asleep.  So cute!!  I have never seen either of them in that particular basket before and both climbed in within 10 minutes of each other, how funny!!

If you want to meet Tarquin and Tia in person visit us at

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