Taunton Poultry Fanciers Show March 2012

Today we went to the Taunton Poultry Fanciers Show to see all the various types of chickens, ducks, and turkeys that were on display.  And no we didn’t exhibit any of our hens, they are all too muddy and dirty and not sure they would take too well to be washed and spruced up!!

There were so many different types there, from beautiful hens with shiny feathers to bantams and ones with fluffy feathers and feathered feet, with their proud owners huddled about waiting for the results of the judging.

Here are some photos we took today:

And here’s another

I love this fluffy white one and the one below is a really big bird. I’m afraid I don’t know all the different breeds, we will have to get a book and look them all up.

The one below is the breed “Spanish”.

This one looks like the chicken on the Kellogs box!!

I thought this on was rather splendid!! I took loads of photos but these are some of the best.  If you want to see proper free range hens ( complete with mud) visit us at www.lodgehousebandbsomerset.co.uk.


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