Goodbye Mrs Cream Legbar hen

We have had to say Goodbye to one of our Cream Lebbar hens.  She was so poorly she couldn’t even stand up in the end.  I said to my husband, if this were a cat or a dog, you would take it to the vet and have it put down, so perhaps we should despatch this hen and put her out of  her misery.

It’s not a very nice task, but I didn’t have to do it.  Neil wrung it’s neck and put it out in the woods as fox take away.

A couple of weeks ago this hen was standing away from the flock and fluffing up her feathers.  She didn’t seem interested in food, and wouldn’t come running when we threw down bread or grain.  She became more immobile as the days progressed, and got that she wouldn’t go up the ramp into the hen house at night, and Neil was lifting her up and putting her in the nest box.  She wouldn’t come out again in the morning and again we were lifting her out. Until she was just so weak that it was cruel to keep her living any longer.

We spoke to a farmer friend of ours who suggested it might be a respiratory disorder but it is difficult to know without taking the hen to the vet and economically it just doesn’t add up to take a £10.00 hen to the vet and pay £40.00 for advice,  –  you could buy another 4 hens with that money.

So it was Goodbye Mrs Cream Legbar. At least the other 14 all seem healthy enough.  We had 14 eggs from 14 hens yesterday, so can’t complain at 100% production.  The hen that died was the only one that laid cream eggs, the rest are shades of brown, with the other cream legbar laying blue eggs.

So there we are – life in the country, where death is all part of the circle of life.

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