The chickens get a treat

The other day a friend gave us a whole pile of left over bread for the chickens.  The chickens go mad for bread, they grab a bit in their beak, run off to find a quiet spot to eat it and then run back for another bit.  When they hear our feet on the gravel they know we are coming and they wait by the fence expectantly.

The chickens waiting for us

Then as soon as I throw them the bread they tuck in straight away and all you can see is their bottoms in the air as they peck away. 




 After they have finished the bread they return to “spuddling” about in the run.  Spuddling being a local word for scratching about.  Some of them found some nice dry earth to have a dust bath.  Above is a picture of our remaining Cream Legbar hen, looking very handsome at the moment. She is the one that lays blue eggs.

A friend came to see us recently and was delighted to collect the eggs from the nest box, something of course that we take for granted as we do it every day. The girls are laying well at the moment, most days we get 12 eggs from 14 hens.

our friend collecting the eggs

So if you want to taste our lovely fresh eggs visit us at

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