Jubilee celebrations part 3 – Mini Olympics

 On Monday afternoon we had the mini olympics between the 2 villages of Buckland St Mary and Bishopswood.  There was the egg and spoon race, firstly the adults then the under 16’s, and similar age splits for the 3 legged race and the sack race.

the sack race

There was penalty shoot out, and the shot put, and then of course the tug of war.  The first one was the men, Bishopswood versus Buckland St Mary – 8 strong men each side,  lots of huffing and puffing and a decisive win for Buckland St Mary 2 nil. 

 Then it was the turn of the ladies, only 7 a side this time.  First pull went to Bishopswood, second to Buckland and then the decisive third pull to Bishopswood.  Nevermind it was a valiant effort and more than I could have done!!

The Buckland ladies tug of war team

The afternoon was finished off with a game of rounders.  The overall winners between the villages of Bishopswood and Buckland St Mary, were Bishopswood, but nevermind Buckland it looks like it might become an annual event, so next year we can compete some more.

If you want to see our village antics join us at www.lodgehousebandbsomerset.co.uk

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