Mrs Speckledy and the baby chicks

One of our hens, Mrs Speckledy went broody a few weeks ago and wouldn’t get out the nest box.  When the other hens laid eggs, she would roll them under her to keep them warm.  So we moved her in the ark where she could sit on a nest to her heart’s content without disturbing the others. A friend who has a cockerel, suggested to me that we put some fertilised eggs under Mrs Speckledy and wait to see if anything hatches.  So for 21 days Mrs Speckledy sat on these eggs.  She hardly moveed, hardly ate, I was quite worried about her.

Then on Thursday afternoon when the 21 days were up, we went down to check on her and there were 2 beautiful little black chicks.  I was surprised they were black, but guess they came from Black Rock mothers.

We put some chick crumb down and Mrs Speckledy moved off the nest to have a peck.  Of the eggs remaining on the nest, we saw one crack and move.  Another chick was hatching.  We waited but Mrs Speckledy sat back on the nest.  About 10 minutes later this bedraggled little brown chick emerged from under her wing.

You can just about see the little brown chick. Her mum was probably a brown warren hen.

newly hatched chick

Mrs Speckledy is a good foster mum, cos although she didn’t lay these eggs, she has sat on them for the 21 days and is now taking the youngsters under her wing, literally.  They seem to have healthy appetites and all 3 have fluffed up nicely. They are so cute!! 

If you want to see our chicks visit us at

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  1. biggsis said

    What a lovely post – thanks for sharing 🙂

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