9 wins at the Buckland Flower Show

Today was the annual Buckland St Mary flower show. It’s not just flowers, but vegetables, cakes, eggs, photos, jams etc. We entered a few categories for a bit of fun, not taking it too seriously, although some people do.  It’s very competitive.  The money raised from entry fees etc is going to the Chard Hospital League of Friends, so a good cause.

A selection of veggies and flowers

Anyway, we took our exhibits in early this morning and went back this afternoon to see the results of the judging.  A red card is first prize, a green one second and a blue one third.

prize winning cabbages

My cabbages won a first prize, which was a bit of a surprise.  Of course I never normally pick 2 cabbages at once, there being only 2 of us to eat it, but luckily we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night, so I can use them up.

I also won first for my courgettes.

prize winning courgettes

I picked about 8 courgettes including some yellow ones and put these 3 in because they were roughly the same size, so that obviously worked.

My blueberries won a second, should have been better than that, our blueberries are gorgeous!!

My blueberries

Neil got a second for his onions, which was really good as we have never grown red onions before.  Last year his onions were not placed but he won a first for potatoes, but this year his potatoes did not win.

Neil’s red onions

Overall we came away with 9 wins, so we reckon we did quite well.  When we got home I laid out all our prize winning products and here is a picture of them all, including a photo that got a third.

All our prize winning products

If you want to sample our prize winning produce, then visit us at www.lodgehousebandbsomerset.co.uk


  1. Nikitaland said

    How cool is that! Congrats on your wins! You just never know what will happen when you enter a contest, eh?

  2. Gillian said

    Well done you!!

  3. Great harvest and a fantastic result in your comps! I’d love to taste all of it but, looking at your website, it’s a little far for a weekend getaway from Sydney 😦 Next time I’m in the UK though…..

    • Thanks, yes half way round the world is a long way to come. I was in Sydney in 1992, maybe I’ll come back one day!!

  4. Besay said

    Congrats!!!!what a delicious products! I’d love to be there and tasted them. I’m happy that your eggs have won too 🙂 you have spoiled your hens so much. xxx

  5. Damaris said

    Congratulations! You really know you’re doing right when you win against other people.

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