Peas to rival Birds Eye!

I’ve picked the last of our peas and I really had quite a lot.  Now Birds Eye say that their frozen peas take only 2 1/2 hours from plant to freezer so I set myself a challenge.  Pick them, pod them, blanche them, chill them and then freeze them and see how long it takes.

Freshly picked peas

I was pulling up the used plants as I picked the pods and putting them in the compost, so that took about an hour.  I then came inside and starting shelling them, that took another hour as there were so many and I was doing it on my own.

freshly shelled peas

As I had so many I split them into 2 and the first lot I plunged into boiling water for 90 seconds to blanche them, then ran them under cold water to chill them.  The cooled peas were then bagged up and popped into the freezer, so all in all just under 2 1/2 hours – I beat Birds Eye!!

The second batch I made into pea soup, the normal recipe, potatoe, a little butter, onion (if you like it, I left it out), peas and stock, boiled for 2o minutes then liquidised.  Resulting soup, tasted very much of peas as you would expect, but not my favourite and I won’t make it again.

However I now have lots of lovely peas in the freezer which didn’t come from Tesco!!

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