Putting the vegetable beds to bed for the Winter

Autumn is the time for some serious weeding.  Once we have pulled the vegetable crops from the raised beds we then weed them clean, and want to keep them that way until the Spring.  So firstly we add some well rotted horse poo.


This is then dug into the soil and evenly distributed.


The soil is then covered with newspaper.  This acts as a deterent to weeds, but will rot down in time and saves the horse poo sticking to the black weed suppressant sheet that comes next.


Lastly we place the black weed suppressant sheet on top and hold in place with large stones, of which we have plenty in the  Blackdown Hills.


This process rests the vegetable beds for the Winter and means come the Spring when we want to plant out, we just remove the black membrane and we have a nice weed free vegetable bed to work with.  Of course some beds still have veggies in them and I have been weeding them madly aswell, but they can’t be covered up yet.  We have done 6 so far with a couple more to do on a sunny day.

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  1. Part of me is jealous that you have a real winter when both you and your veggie beds can rest. Then again, I love harvesting fresh lettuce in mid-winter so I’ll keep Sydney if you don’t mind 🙂

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