Taking down the runner beans

Over the weekend we had a couple of clear days so decided it was time to take down the runner bean plants.  The leaves had started dying back and there were no more viable beans to pick, so we started to untie the bean poles and pull up all the plants and add them to the compost heap.

old bean plants

I managed to pick a whole trug full of big beans that we will dry out for their bean seeds, which can then be planted next year.

Beans that will dry off for seeds

I also picked our sweetcorn, that hadn’t really riped well enough this year, just not enough sunshine.  I shall cook this up for the chickens, they will enjoy it.

immature corn

Having pulled up all the runner bean and sweetcorn plants we then had to weed the 2 vegetable beds that had contained them.  The soil was wet and claggy so not a nice job, but we got it done.  We then added horse poo to the beds, raked that in, covered them with newspaper and then black weed suppressant sheet, so they are bedded down for the winter.

over wintering vegetable beds

The beans we had picked were too tough to eat so they are drying in front of the woodburner so we can harvest the seeds.

Beans drying

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  1. Just this morning my husband and I were saying we should plant climbing beans to grow up our sweet corn which should now be strong enough to support the beans. Are we so far out of sequence that we’re actually in sequence? 🙂

    This will be my first try at getting beans to grow up the corn. I’m also going to plant zucchini to grow along the base of the corn and beans. I’ve read this is an old native American technique – the holy trinity of plants. They are perfect companion plants protecting and nurturing each other. I’ll let you know how it works.

  2. The only problem with that is if the beans grow faster, taller than the sweetccorn. We have always grown our beans up bean poles and grown the corn separately.

    • That’s what worries me (a little). The corn is pretty high already – I gave it quite a head start – so I’m confident it will be okay. If not I’ll start cutting it back. I have bush beans in the ground just in case I have to cull the climbers. Wish me luck!

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