Keeping a Poinsettia

I love to buy a Poinsettia plant every Christmas.  To me it is the very essence of Christmas, all red and green.  That with a tree and a few red candles really spells out Christmas.  So on Monday I bought one in Sainsbury’s.  I chose to buy it from that shop because I had read that they were all British grown and I thought that would be better than an imported one.


I brought it home and placed it on a mat on the dining room table, out of draughts, away from a window, at a constant 18 degrees C temperature and was carefull to test how moist the soil was and not to overwater it.

However, less than a week has passed and already the lower leavs are curling up and falling off.  How difficult it is to keep a Poinsettia alive!! Why does this happen every year?  Gradually the green leaves fall off and then the red ones, until you are left with a few stalks.  I think it must be because they are hot house grown and when they come inside a house, it is not as hot and humid as where they were grown.  Anyway, with a little luck it will last til past Christmas day and that is the most important time.

Any hints on keeping a poinsettia alive will be most welcome!!

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  1. Our poinsettia is a tree. No joke, it gets 5 metres high. It is deciduous so for a couple of months a year it is really just a collection of sticks.

    You say it’s a hard plant to keep alive, I say it’s hard to kill. One year it literally blew over in a storm. We chopped it up and sent it to the council compost pile. The next year I’ll be darned if there weren’t new shoots. Now we cut it almost to the ground every year and every year it gets 3 – 4 metres tall. Right now it’s covered in green leaves. The red ones don’t appear until autumn (in April or May it should be beautiful) and they stay red for months. It’s a beautiful tree but it just doesn’t quite work for an Aussie Christmas.

    • Well there’s my anwer, it obvioulsy loves your sunny weather and is not keen on the British weather, its too cold for it over here…..

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