A blue egg

When I went to collect the eggs today, there lying in the straw of the nest box was a single blue egg.  Mrs Cream Legbar, known to us as Lucy Legbar, is back in lay.  She hasn’t laid an egg for 6 weeks.  That sometimes happens when a hen moults, although we didn’t see any visible signs of that in Lucy Legbar.


OK from the photo it doesn’t look very blue, but it is light duck egg blue, quite different from the various shades of brown that the other hens lay.  We only have the one Cream Legbar hen now, so that’s how we know it is her when she lays.  So very pleased to see Lucy Legbar back laying eggs again.  We had 8 eggs in total today, not bad for mid winter and no artificial light in the hen house as they do in commercial egg laying farms.

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  1. 6 weeks isn’t too bad of a moult so Lucy is doing you proud. As you say, in mid-Winter any eggs is a bonus and you got 8 – well done!

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