Of Bees and hens and pheasants in the snow

None of the snow has cleared today.  It’s such a cold day, it’s just sitting where it fell.  Neil went down to clear the entrance to the beehive which was blocked with snow.  Not that the little bees want to come out and fly today, but they need air to circulate so they don’t suffocate.


We’ve tried to entice the hens outside, but they don’t like putting their feet on the snow, so we cleared an area just outside the henhouse to encourage them out to scratch around and at least eat their food.  Big Chook was eating the snow.  Their water had frozen up so we put another smaller container of water nearer the hen house.  We still got 8 eggs today.  I thought they might go on strike in this bad weather, I’m surprised they are still laying.


We have been feeding the birds, hanging up nuts and seeds. In particular we  want to ensure that the woodpeckers have sufficient suet and nuts to eat so that they won’t attack the beehive in search of honey and bees to eat.  This has happened to one of the beekeepers in the village last year.  The seeds disappear at the rate of knots, so we have also sprinkled some on the ground for the ground feeding birds like the blackbirds to peck at.  And then alongs comes Mr Pheasant thinking he will have a go at the seeds too.  He’s just like a big chicken scratching around on the ground, only he doesn’t mind his feet in the snow!!


Our little monkey puzzle tree covered in snow looks like a mini snowman, very cute!!


The woods look so beautiful with all the snow…..


I particularly like this view of one of our gates in the snow.


On the stables the snow has dripped, then frozen again, so there is quite an overhang.


The forecasters say we are in for several days of this cold spell, so we may be snowed in for quite a while, but luckily we have plenty of supplies.

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  1. Damaris said

    I love your photos of the snow. You’ve got a lot more than we have!

    • thanks, yes we have about 4 – 6 inches here, we are snowed in as we live on an unmade road on a hill and can’t get the car up the hill

  2. You guys are making the news here – so much snow (for the UK anyway) and it looks like it’s creating chaos everywhere – but your little patch looks so peaceful.

    I’m glad you spoil your chickens and make a snow-free spot for them. I’m sure that special care is why they reward you with all those eggs even in this weather.

    I’d never thought about what happens to beehives in the snow – I agree, they surely wouldn’t want to have their entrance blocked even if they don’t want to go out. I hope they’re doing okay in there.

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