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Snowdrops at Otterford Lakes

As it was such a lovely sunny day today, when our B&B guests had gone and we had the first lot of washing on, we went for a walk to Otterford Lakes.  It’s not far from us, just up through Bishopswood a couple of miles.  We walked down to the first lake and the swans were just gliding over the still water.


As we stood and watched them they came nearer to us and I was able to take this close up.


We took the lower path past the waterfall.


As we walked along the stream the sunlight was glinting on the water.


We followed the path along the stream until we came to the second lake.


As we walked back we were able to the see the snowdrops much better.  There were carpets of them in the woods.


They looked so lovely in the sunshine, really made us feel like Spring is on its way.


When we got home I noticed some of our Spring bulbs are bursting into life.  The crocus in the half moon baskets by the front door have come out.


And the very first of the Tete a Tete daffs is out.


We actually sat outside to have a cuppa after lunch the sun was so glorious.  I think the B&B guests who left today were jolly lucky to have this lovely sunshine and to see the view from Lodge House so clearly, even in February.

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Combe St Nicholas Panto

Last week we went to the panto at the Combe St Nicholas village hall.  It was “Yankee  Doodle”, not the most typical panto you might say but good fun all the same.  We had the usual panto dame, who this time was searching for missing gold in the dessert, where she comes upon bandits and ghosts down the mine and various mirages such as a cat and a rabbit.  Then they meet a tribe of red indians and somehow it all comes together and there is a happy ending.  It’s a bit of madness really.


The costumes were really excellent and considering there is not much room on the small village hall stage The Cloverleaf players put on a good production.  This is the 4th panto at Combe we have been to since we arrived.  It was one of the first things we went to when we moved here.  And long may they continue.

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Birthday “Bee” Cake

Last night we  had friends over to dinner to celebrate 3 birthdays in 2 days.  Neil’s birthday is today so we are looking forward to a nice day pootling about, generally chilling out and not doing too much.  But last night one of our friends arrived with a birthday cake for Neil shaped like a bee hive with little bees.  It was really brilliant.


It was a honey and lemon cake to boot which made it even more appropriate.  The little bees she had made our of marzipan and liquorice with almond flakes for wings.  Very creative and what a lovely surprise!!

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Beautiful Amaryllis

After Xmas I bought an Amaryllis plant in bud.  I stood it on the window ledge, watered it regularly and it has rewarded me with 4 beautiful flowers.  I do love Amaryllis so.  I have one every year, but they are really difficult to get to flower again, so its best to get a new one each year.


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