Birthday “Bee” Cake

Last night we  had friends over to dinner to celebrate 3 birthdays in 2 days.  Neil’s birthday is today so we are looking forward to a nice day pootling about, generally chilling out and not doing too much.  But last night one of our friends arrived with a birthday cake for Neil shaped like a bee hive with little bees.  It was really brilliant.


It was a honey and lemon cake to boot which made it even more appropriate.  The little bees she had made our of marzipan and liquorice with almond flakes for wings.  Very creative and what a lovely surprise!!

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  1. Nikitaland said

    Happy Birthday Neil!

  2. thank you for your good wishes

  3. Oh man, you have got the best friends in the world. Not only do they bring a cake, they made it, it’s beautiful and really took a lot of effort, and it’s so perfect for you guys. Not to mention the fact that it looks like it tastes amazing.

    I don’t suppose you can share the recipe with everyone? I am always looking for recipes that feature honey from my hives.

    BTW, Happy birthday Neil.

  4. Chrisitne Cram said

    Happy Birthday Neil
    Fabulous cake

  5. noctiluna said

    What a beautiful cake! Yum, I feel inspired to bake now.
    A very happy birthday to Neil

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