Mystery red fungus

We were gathering wood that had blown down from the trees in our woods and I came across this branch on the ground with 2 round cup fungus growths on it.


We asked a friend who is very knowledgeable about these matters and he advised that this is an Ascomycete Sarcoscypha austriaca also known as the Scarlet Elf cup fungus.  It is not uncommon and is very similar to Aleuria aurantia the Orange peel fungus. So now we know.  Anyone else seen this recently?

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  1. Nikitaland said

    That is the strangest thing I have ever seen! Is it good fungus or bad fungus?

  2. It looks beautiful and oh so tasty which I’m pretty sure almost guarantees you don’t want to eat it if it’s a fungus. Only ugly old brown ones are actually edible. One of God’s little jokes I imagine 🙂

    • I think the red colour is a warning, as in “do not eat”. Mostly when things like this are brightly coloured they are poisonous. Not sure about this one, but to be on the safe side I wouldn’t try it.

  3. Damaris said

    What a startlingly beautiful fungus. I do so like common names of things – Scarlet Elf – very appealing.

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