All electric car test drive

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to test drive an all electric car, a Nissan Leaf.  This is a Japanese built car and certainly a car for the future.


It was a really smooth ride and so quiet they have had to add noise so that pedestrians can hear it coming.  It’s like an automatic in that it doesn’t have any gears and even the hand brake is electric so you just press a button to put it on rather than pull a lever.


When reversing a screen comes up on the dashboard and guides you into your parking space, really clever.


The battery pack is spread evenly under the car to distribute the weight, and it comes with a charger that takes about 12 hours, but you can buy faster chargers at additional cost.

The car will do approx  105  miles before needing charging again, but the range depends on whether you are going up and down hills or not, or whether you have the AC or heater on, or lights on etc.  It would be ideal for short journeys into town and back and even better if you could charge it up with power from the solar panels.  Currently there are not many commerical charging points around the country and no doubt it won’t be long before these are springing up just like service stations did when petrol cars became popular.

The cost of the car is quite high in the UK but will come down as the technology behind battery manufacture improves. How long a pack of batteries will last and their replacement costs are also something else to consider when buying a vehicle like this. So I don’t think we will be buying one just yet, although I did like it.

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  1. I hate that they add noise to protect pedestrians. I have been praying for electric cars to become the norm for a) their small carbon footprint, b) the reduction in the smog and stink near busy roads and c) the constant hum of cars if you’re anywhere near civilisation. All 3 are huge benefits but I have heard that the last one may never eventuate. I suppose they’ll be less obnoxious but still…..

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