Favourite walk up Staple Hill

On Sunday, being a reasonably pleasant day we took ourselves up to Staple Hill for our favourite walk.  The trees always provide a great subject for photos.


There was one tree that had grown higher than the others and slightly to one side.


We could also see all the new growth on the pine trees; the ends all being lighter in colour than the previous growth.


On one side of the loop walk you get fabulous views right over to Wales.  The land is managed by Neroche and here is a sign they put up acclaiming the woods are for everyone.


As we rounded the corner we saw some people had built a structure like a dome shelter out of saplings.


Inside were some mysterious hangings, one like a butterfly and one like a dreamcatcher.


We wondered who had built it and why but there was no sign and no one to ask.  I rather liked the fact that someone had been creative in the woods.

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  1. Beautiful trees and scenery…Interesting that someone left their creativity in the woods. We know of a cabin high up in the Rocky Mountains where hikers have left creative additions as they have passed by. One talented carver engraved a Celtic pattern over a whole log inside. Perhaps he spent sometime up there snowed in one long winter. Interesting to make those discoveries. Makes you wonder if we should leave something of interest ourselves for the next passers-by.

  2. Gillian Wilson said

    Maybe they were practising their survival training – would look good and shelter them if covered with branches!!

  3. Cool art from natural products. Kind of neat to stumble upon on such a beautiful walk.

  4. Damaris said

    I’ve seen a dome structure rather like that in Bourne Wood, near where we used to live in Lincolnshire. It was magical, but I never really knew what it was supposed to be. There were also woodcarvings around, done by students from the nearby Art College, I believe: a whole collection of giant wooden mushrooms, a figure that looked from a distance exactly like a woman in bonnet and shawl trudging up a slope, etc. My favourite was a frieze of woodland life done in silhouette (i.e. with holes pierced in it), suspended across the path.

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