Found in the border

When we were digging the stinging nettles out of the back border, Neil dug up a soft toy.  It was filty dirty and covered in moss and really I should have taken a photo there and then, but instead I brought it inside and put it in a bucket of soapy water.  I scrubbed it and soaked it and washed it and washed it until finally it was clean; gave it a spin in the tumble dryer and it came up quite good.  It had lost a bit of stuffing in the body but otherwise wasn’t it too bad a condition considering where it had been.  But now the mystery.  Who did it belong to? And what is it?  Is it a cow or a sheep?  What do you think? let me know



  1. It’s a sweet little cow. She’s so lucky you found her!

  2. Damaris said

    I can see why one might think it was a sheep. But the bulbous muzzle does it for me – a cow! It looks very huggable. What will you do with it now?

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