Digging up the first potatoes

Earlier in my blog I explained how we were trying the “no dig” approach to vegetable growing this year, growing through cardboard.  One of the first things we planted this way was our potatoes and this week we started to dig them up.


The cardboard certainly stopped the weeds coming up, and meant that we hadn’t had to earth them up.  So we lifted the cardboard and this is what we saw.


Beautiful potatoes lying in the ground.


They came away quite clean and blemish free and we got all this lot just from one row.


Last night I cooked some up with a little mint from the garden, delicious.  Its amazing how something as simple as a spud can taste so much better when home grown.

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  1. Nikitaland said

    WOW, that is truly amazing! I can’t remember…how long ago did you plant them in the soil? Those are some nice spuds for sure!

  2. Really nice!

  3. Potatoes are one of the veggies that really does taste different fresh from your back yard. Great harvest, and it seems a lot easier than the potatoes I’ve done. I might just give this no dig thing a go.

  4. Bill said

    I love that! We had so much rain this year that the weeds fairly took over my potato garden. I was trying to dig some yesterday and there are so many weeds it was difficult to determine where the actual row is. The idea of no weeds and no digging sounds very appealing to me right now! 🙂

    • We have just dug up another 4lbs 11ozs from the next row and they are really nice, mostly blemish free potatoes, definitely worth a try this way

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