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Macmillan coffee morning 2013

This morning we held a Macmillan Coffee Morning in our local church.  We had a cake stall, a raffle and served tea and coffee and biscuits.  We had a banner and a sign outside the church to advertise it.


Two of our friends ran the raffle.  We had Macmillan raffle tickets and our own raffle today, so we did a BOGOF.  For every Macmillan raffle ticket purchased you got a strip for today’s raffle free.  The raffle raised £82.


Two other friends ran the cake stall.  We had Rocky Road, Flapjacks, Victoria Sponge Sandwich, Tea Loaf, Fairy Cakes, Rock Buns, Fairings biscuits, as well as jams and marmalade, eggs and apples to sell.  This stall made £58.25.


Neil and I made the tea and coffee in the vestry end of the church.  We didn’t charge but asked for donations.  People are often very generous this way and we took £83.70 in donations.


As you can see Neil and I are wearing our rather unglamorous Macmillan Tee shirts.  Macmillan supply quite a lot of material for support and we had bunting, balloons, posters and table cloths all in Macmillan green.

We had a reasonably good turnout, although perhaps not as many people as last year.


The total amount we took was £223.95, so all in all a good effort.

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Down with the Sycamore Trees

We have been having trouble with a neighbour’s sycamore trees.  The branches have been interfering with the overhead power cables and causing trip outs.  We have been on to Western Power about this and they sent a guy from their tree contractors round to survey the problem.  They had to get permission from the farmer as the trees are on his land, and he agreed not only to having them trimmed but to having them cut right down as they would only grow up again, sycamore trees grow so quickly.

This is the trees how they looked before the work was done.  They also blocked sunlight onto our front garden during the afternoon.


So the other day the contractors arrived, we made them a cup of tea and they started working cutting down the trees.


They worked away all day long, cutting and chipping.  One guy had to climb one of the tree trunks to cut down the side branches.


And then by evening all that was left was the Ash tree.


Don’t get me wrong I love trees, after all we have 2 acres of woodland that we are nurturing, but Sycamores are like weeds, they grow about 6 feet a year and drop seedlings all over the place, so sometimes its good to get rid of them.

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RIP Poor old Tarquin

Yesterday was a sad day.  We finally had to make the decision to have poor old Tarquin put to sleep.  He had been getting thin and bony and was having difficulty walking, dragging his back legs.  Yesterday afternoon he couldn’t stand properly and we knew we could not put it off any longer.

Here he is in full health some time ago.


Him and his twin brother Theo came into our lives as little bundles of fluff in June 1995.  We had only been married a year and we felt that 2 cats would make us feel more like a family.  Sadly Theo was run over by a car on a wet January evening when he was just 7 years old, but Tarquin stayed with us right through to old age.  He was 18 and a half years old, about 95 in human terms.

Tarquin loved to climb into a box, so much so that we made a box for him right by the fire so he could keep warm in Winter.  It was one of his favourite places to sleep.


He was a real lap cat, very much Neil’s cat and would take every opportunity to climb onto Neil’s lap when ever he could.  Since we have lived here in the country  and Neil has not been out to work, he has spent a lot of time just being with us.  He loved being groomed, especially with the “zoom groom”.

He had his health problems, surviving a thyroid removal operation, and then being on medication for high blood pressure and latterly also for arthritis.  Recently he took to just lying around and not venturing too far at all.


In his time he was a good mouser and even had a squirrel and brought a live magpie into the house, much to the disconcertment of our decorator back then.

Here he is just 2 weeks ago in Neil’s arms.


So yesterday afternoon we took him to the vets for his final injection.  The vet was lovely with him, and he gradually just slipped away.  We brought him home and wrapped him in one of Neil’s old sweatshirts and then we buried him in the garden, in the back border.  I planted anemone bulbs, pansies and california poppy seeds over the top so that in the Spring it would be a blaze of colour where Tarquin was.  We also placed a light there to mark the spot.


So here’s to Tarquin  March 1995 to Sept 2013.

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