One week with “Forest”

Our new pussycat “Forest” has been with us for one week now.  He is a timid cat and is taking time to get used to us and the house.

When we first brought him home and let him out of the travelling box, he shot out of the box and through the lounge, up the stairs and disappeared.  We searched all over for him and couldn’t find him, then eventually we saw him on top of some bags under our bed.  When we went out to choir in the evening, he came down for some food but he didn’t use his litter tray for over 24 hours, he must have been crossing his legs!!


As you can see Forest is a black semi long-haired pussycat and we got him from Ferne Animal Sanctuary.  He is 2 years old and we don’t know much about his history except he came from a house with lots of cats and they were unable to look after them all.

After a day or two Forest decided to explore a little more and befriend us.  He is very affectionate, has a gentle purr and loves having his tummy tickled.  He’s not at all aggressive, hasn’t put his claws out at all, but is just lovely and soft and soppy.  However he seems to be scared of noises, and runs away at the smallest thing, an opening door squeaking or a carrier bag rustling.


Ferne told us to feed him pouches of meat in jelly, but he turned his nose up at Prawn in jelly and Rabbit in jelly, and wouldn’t eat until I cleared it away and replaced it with chicken!!.  Oh dear  – a fussy eater!! Our other cat eats whatever you put in front of her and Tarquin did too, so I am not used to a fussy cat.

Yesterday we opened the door into the dining room and Forest met Tia for the first time.  He seemed fairly nonplussed with her as he had been living with other cats at Ferne, but she growled and hissed at him as if to say “Who are you in my house?”  I’m sure it will take time for them to come to some happy living arrangement.

Forest is back under our bed as I write.  I think he feels this is a safe place and this is where he runs to.  Gradually we will introduce him to the rest of the house and eventually to outside, but not in a hurry.  We don’t know what has made him a timid cat and only with patience and time will he settle into our home and life.

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