Carnival comes to Chard

Saturday evening was carnival in Chard.  We were not used to this sort of carnival when we lived in the south east, but it is big in the south west.  Carnival happens at night, when it is dark and the floats are lit up with hundreds of brightly coloured bulbs and the most elaborate floats.  There are carnival clubs here that must work on set and costumes all year round in preparation. It all starts with the sellers who are touting their brightly coloured light sabres and whirlygigs and many other items that light up the night.


Then at last you hear the music blearing out and know that the carnival is on its way.  Some of the floats are 3 trailers long and absolutely fabulous.



Then there were people dressed up in colourful costumes walking along as well as the carnival queens and princesses.



Several teams of majorettes took part, dancing their way along the streets, followed by a trailer showing off all their trophies.


One float was a tableau of scenes from Les Miserables:-


There was a float from the British Legion covered in poppies:-


And others with just so many light bulbs:-


All in all a great show.  It’s carnival season down here at the moment and carnival goes from town to town at different weekends.  If you want to come and see then we still have some vacancies in the B&B in October so contact us for more details.

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