Funeral, Flowers and Fog

I’ve not blogged much recently because we have been a bit pre-occupied.  My father died at the end of November and on Dec 11th we went back to Upminster in Essex for the funeral.  My Father was 91 years old and had been suffering with cancer.  It was horrid to see him go downhill so his passing was a blessing in the end.  We had been regularly visiting him and saw him a week before his death.

The funeral was well attended as he had been very involved in the local community before he became ill.  It was a funeral mass.  Just my brother and his family and us two sent flowers.  This is the last photo I had taken with him back in July when he first moved into the care home.




After the funeral the local ladies laid on sandwiches and tea in the church hall and we were able to go round and talk to all who had attended.  It was also really good to see all the family together as I hadn’t seen my niece or nephew for 4 years.

We left for the journey home in sunshine but on the M25 were met with a blanket of fog. As we travelled over the Queen Elizabeth bridge the fog was hanging over the docks.

DSC06132    DSC06131Half way down the M3 the fog lifted and we saw the sunset.


We were glad to be back home after the 4 hour drive.  It’s funny to think we have no reason now to go back to Upminster.  It was my childhood home, but now the house is sold and both my parents are dead, I can’t think we will ever go back there.

So a difficult week, but now we can start thinking about Christmas.



  1. Sounds like he lived a good long life. I’m sorry he had to suffer with cancer. My brother died of cancer last year. So sad. My mother, though, is still going strong. She is 94 and swims at the local pool about 3 times a week. A little dementia, but other than that I am amazed.

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve lost your father. Everyone says it’s the natural order that children lose their parents, but that doesn’t make it much easier to bear when it happens. But it’s great you have a life’s worth of good memories of him. I’m sure you’ll think of him a lot over the Christmas holidays, I hope it is with some happiness as you remember Christmases past with him.

    • Hi Laura, thank you for your kind comments. Yes we have lots of memories and I have been going through the 31 photo albums we brought back from his house, and sorting out the family photos. We spent lots of Christmases together, but none since we moved to Somerset 4years ago.

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