First good haul of strawberries

The last few days we have had glorious sunny weather and the strawberries have come on in leaps and bounds.  In the week I picked a dozen ripe berries, but today I picket 2.3 kg of strawberries, that’s over 5 lbs.


I think we will have an abundant crop this year so I shall be making strawberry liqueur, strawberry cordial, and strawberry jam as well as eating them every day.  I do so love strawberries, they are one of my favourite fruits.

If you want fresh strawberries with your breakfast, come and stay at our B&B.

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  1. Your strawberries are beautiful!!!

  2. tbnranch said


  3. Nikitaland said

    Oh boy, those look so delicious! Our strawberries are doing great too and we’re amazed on how many we are picking this year! It’s our third year for our strawberry patch and they just keep getting bigger and better every year. Just made a pound cake yesterday, topped it with strawberries and cool whip = Yummy!

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