Going, going, gone!!

As part of the renovation works the builders have had to demolish the existing utility room, which was badly built without insulation and therefore was very cold.  This is to make way for the new kitchen.

So this is what it looked like once we had emptied it.


And then they started pulling it apart, starting with the roof.


They took a sledge hammer to the walls and they started to come down next.


Lastly they took a percussion drill to the floor to break up the concrete and then we were left with a big empty space outside the kitchen door.


Inside the pump room they have been putting in footings, a little at a time.


As they dug down you could clearly see the outline of the well.


Once they have finished underpinning the walls they can start digging out the floor level.  They have been here 2 weeks now and certainly work hard.  They are a good team and are here from 8.00am to 5.00pm every day.  Its exciting to see the progress they make every day.

The B&B remains open whilst the building works are going on as it is in a completely separate part of the house.  Look us up at


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