The builders have dug out the floor in the derelict section of the house and so took down the wall around the internal well.  This enabled Neil to go down the well and clear out the debris.  I have to say I wasn’t too happy about him doing this, as we weren’t quite sure how deep the well was and what the footing would be like. But he put a ladder down the well and armed with this wellies he climbed down.  I  was at the top holding the light.


We  had the pump on at the same time, continually pumping out water, but it was also continually filling up so Neil was up to the tops of his wellies all the time.  He pulled out sludge and stones and all sorts of things, including an old mining lamp. Even though it was a fairly warm day, Neil said the water was absolutely freezing.


He pulled out buckets of stuff and I was worried about stones becoming loose and falling on his head, but as he said they had been there for a couple of hundred years so it wasn’t really likely.


Anyway after clearing out all the debris Neil added 2 buckets full of sand and this acts as a filter for the water and now the water from the well is beautifully clean, not that we drink this water but of course it was the only source of water for the people that lived here for 230 years and is now used to irrigate the garden.

The men will build the well back up before laying the floor, so this was a good opportunity to clear it out. There is an overflow pipe recommended by the Building Inspector that will let any excess water out into our drains that empty into the woods and the builders have put in a blue water pipe so that the pump can take water to the outside of the buildings and this will be used for irrigating vegetable beds, hanging baskets and pots.


Want to see the building works for yourself?  come and stay at our B&B.  http://www.lodgehousebandbsomerset.co.uk



  1. Eric said

    You sure are having unique experiences since your move. Braver than I would be,


    Sent from Eric’s iPad3


  2. Nikitaland said

    Neil is so cute!

  3. noctiluna said

    Lovely. I’m going to have to come and stay at your wonderful B&B one day.

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