We now have windows!

It’s been really exciting seeing the derelict part of the house known as the pump room, transform.  Not more so than the front of the house where previously the front windows on the right were blocked up.


To see new windows and repositioned too, makes it look like a proper lived in house now.


There has been lots of other progress too.  The plumber has been in all week doing the first fix of all the pipes to the central heating and the bathrooms.  The ceilings are in.  The electrician came by on Friday to see what was needed and he will be starting on Monday.  I think we will see fairly rapid progress now.

The kitchen extension windows are also in and the rendering has been painted.


The front of the house has also been painted whilst they had the scaffold up.  We couldn’t resist this picture of one of the builders legs taken from inside the house, as he was painting.


Neil and I are feeling a bit frazzled from all the decisions we are having to make at the moment, from specifying the kitchen and the 2 ensuite bathrooms, and cloakroom, to deciding upon the tiles and where all the electrical sockets are needed, and little things keep changing all the time.  We have also already gone over budget, but doesn’t that always happen with building?  Oh well it will all be worth it in the end.

Here are some supports that have gone in prior to the plasterboard being added.


And this is under the stairs prior to plastering.


We are closed for B&B at the moment as there is so much disruption to the house, so looking forward to all the work being finished and us reopening.



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