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Visit to Torquay, Torre Abbey and “Bygones”

Continuing our day trip to Torquay we walked round the bay and up to Torre Abbey.

Torre Abbey is a historic building and art gallery in Torquay, Devon. It was founded in 1196 as a monastery for Premonstratensian canons, and is now the best-preserved medieval monastery in Devon and Cornwall. In addition to its medieval and Georgian rooms, Torre Abbey is known for the formal gardens, for the third largest art collection in the county of Devon and for regular exhibitions by contemporary artists.DSC03434

It was on 4 floors, the top floor giving us the history over 800 years.DSC03437

In the gardens outside is a Palm House, smaller than those at Kew Gardens but just as interesting with a wide range of plants.DSC03438



And a lily pond.


Next to that was the “Arid House” containing cacti and succulents.DSC03441

Leaving Torre Abbey we walked to the Front and caught the 22 bus to Babbacombe to visit the museum called “Bygones”.  It was a step into the past and like taking a trip down memory lane as we explored the displays of genuine objects from 1837 to the 1950s.DSC03442

On the ground floor there were displays like Victorian shops.DSC03443

On the first floor was more of Victorian life with period set rooms,DSC03447




and even a full size 27 ton steam engine.DSC03452

The 2nd floor housed wartime display and a walk through an immersive trench.  In the shopping arcade were shelves hosting many different products in their original 50s packaging.DSC03451


Two more interesting places to visit for all the family.

We caught the 22 bus back to the harbour and had a pot of tea whilst waiting for our coach.  A great day out was thoroughly enjoyed by us.


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Visit to Torquay and Living Coasts attraction

Yesterday we went on the Buckland St Mary Bellringers’ outing  to Torquay.  We are not bellringers but like a lot of people just went to make up the numbers.

The coach dropped us off at the harbour and we admired the boats whilst having a coffee. DSC03397


On one side of the harbour was the entrance to “Living Coasts” attraction, which is part of Wild Planet Trust – a conservation charity whose vision is for a world rich in wildlife and wild places.  Their aim is to protect our local coasts as well as playing a key role in breeding programmes for rare species.DSC03403

In an netted area were a number of birds, native to the UK but which we had never seen before such as Cormorants, Puffins and Guillemots and several wading birds.DSC03421

DSC03417 There were signs to tell  you which birds were which.DSC03411

DSC03414The next area was Penguin beach, where a solitary penguin was sunbathing and then all its friends were on the beach.DSC03405


Living Coasts also had ottersDSC03425

and sealsDSC03428

and underwater areas to view seals and penguins swimming, along with glass tanks with seahorses and  lionfish.DSC03433

Through out the day there were feeding times for all the species and they catered for adults and children alike.

Living Coasts also had an environmental message about saying “No” to single use plastic, taking part in beach cleans and buying sustainable fish.

It was well worth the visit and lovely to see all the different birds and animals in such relevant surroundings.


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Taunton flower Show August 2019

We had never been to the Taunton Flower show before, even though it is very well established being the oldest flower show in the UK.  We prepaid our tickets but had to queue to get in.  Going at opening time obviously is the busiest time, won’t make that mistake again.DSC03375

The Taunton Flower Show takes place in Vivary Park which in itself has magnificent beds of flowers, run by the council.DSC03374

There were lots of craft stalls, and food stallsDSC03371


and plant stalls, with metal objects for your garden being very popular this year.DSC03373

A Blacksmith was giving a demonstration.DSC03376

In the flower marquee there were air plants,DSC03383

and carnivorous plants,DSC03388


and mixed displays of all sorts of other flowers.DSC03387



We watched some GMX bikers in the arena doing somersaults in the air.DSC03382

The combined marching bands of Bideford & Barnstaple had both bagpipes and flutes and drums.  They were very good.DSC03380


In the arena also was a dog agility show and then some aerial acrobatic girls who performed with long ribbons.DSC03391

Something for everyone.  It was very busy, lots of families and lots of people and it was hot today! The ducks were loving it.DSC03377

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