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Sparrowhawk in the fruit cage

Our neighbour called us the other evening to say there was a bird caught in our fruit cage.  I went down to investigate and to open the door to let it out thinking it would be a pesky blackbird as they will do anything to get to my raspberries.  Instead when I got there I found it was a sparrowhawk.  I recognised it by its yellow legs.  It had found a gap in the netting between the roof netting and the side netting.

Sparrowhawk in the fruit cage

It was flapping about and flying back and forth, but of course did not see the open door that would have meant its freedom!!.  I didn’t fancy going into the fruit cage as I wasn’t sure if the bird would attack me if I got too close.  So I called Neil and he came down with a towel.  His idea was to wrap the towel around the bird, prise it from the netting and then set it free.

close up of the sparrowhawk

However, before we got round to doing that the bird found the same gap it had entered through and quickly freed itself and flew away.  You can see where the green string that was keeping the roof netting and the side netting together has come apart, so now we have some repair work to do before the same thing happens again.

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Visit of the Sparrowhawk

Yesterday Neil was walking down to feed the chickens and he came across a baby pigeon that had had its neck torn out.  He wondered what had done that, as neither of our cats are bird catchers anymore.

Just a little later we spotted a beautiful bird of prey hopping around the area, and it was a sparrowhawk.  It had yellow legs and lovely mottled plumage on its chest, but the wings were brown and well camouflaged amongst the leaves on the ground.


This is the first time we have seen a sparrowhawk in our back garden.  We often see a buzzard which circles around on the thermals and then rests on a telegraph post, but we hadn’t seen a sparrowhawk before.  Eventually it flew off and we haven’t seen it again.

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