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Ilminster classic car show

It’s a week of the Ilminster Summer Experience and lots of things have been going on over the weekend.  The flags are up in the streets.


Today was the classic car show on the recreation ground.  We went along to have a look.  There were modern classic and souped up cars:


But the ones I like best are the little old car such as these:






There were also quite a few motorbikes, which Neil especially was interest in.


The Town Crier was out in all his regalia making announcements:


As we were standing there so a noisy hot rod car with a supercharger came into the grounds.  It had a stunning paint job and was originally an old Ford Anglia but quite transformed now.


So a different Sunday morning.  There is lots going on in the surrounding areas in June, lots to go to, see and do, so if you want to come down this way and stay in our B&B we would be pleased to see you.

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