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Christmas walk and Christmas dinner

After breakfast and opening our presents we went for a walk up our favourite woods at Staple Hill.  It was a bit drizzly but as we passed people walking their dogs (some dressed with santa collars for the occasion) we exchanged cheery greetings of Merry Christmas. They’ve thinned out some of the fir trees now and you can just see the light through them.


We came across a small tree that had been decorated with baubles by some children who had left a note on it.


We stopped to take a Xmas selfie against the backdrop of the woods.


It started to clear a bit and we got a good view to the North.


So we had a go at another selfie.dsc01191

After our walk we popped into the local pub “The Candlelight” for a Christmas drink.  It was heaving with people and we whiled away quite some time chatting to friends before coming home to get the dinner on.  I had cooked the turkey last night and prepared the veggies this morning so there wasn’t much to do except put the potatoes in and then cook the veg.  We served up turkey dinner just before 3pm.


I’m looking a bit pink from standing over a hot stove, or was it the bubbles going to my head?


It is traditional to watch the Queen give her speech so after the main course we sat and watched that, then had a little snooze (only 2 glasses of Proscecco will send me to sleep), before Christmas pud and mince pies.

A few phone and Skype calls to family and that rounded off a lovely day.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day.











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Christmas Lunch

Following tradition in the UK we had roast turkey for lunch today.  I always cook mine covered in streaky bacon, just like my Mother did, and stuffed with lemons to keep it moist.  We served it up with roast potatoes, roast parsnips and carrots cooked with cumin, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  No one likes brussel sprouts much, but again it is traditional so we have to have them.


Here’s the turkey straight out of the oven.  I let it stand for a while before carving and dishing up.  Neil poured some champers, we had pink this year.


Here I am with a full plate of turkey dinner, a bit pink in the face but that’s what comes of standing over a hot stove.


We had the special Christmas table cloth out and the Christmas plates, but we missed out on crackers this year,  clean forgot.

Then came the Christmas pud.  What a strange tradition we have to pour brandy over a hot pudding and set fire to it, but has to be done!!


So altogether a lovely Christmas Lunch.  I hope yours was too.  Merry Christmas.

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Xmas lunch

Our Xmas lunch was lovely.  The turkey we had won was delicious.  I cooked it slowly for 3 and a half hours at a low temp, with streaky bacon over the top and then foil over the top of that.  It was moist and lovely.

carving the Xmas turkey

The turkey we won was jut 9lbs weight so just right for 3 of us.  I carved all one breast for Xmas day, and then we had the other side as cold meat with chips on Boxing Day.

We had the traditional vegetables to accompany our turkey.  Roast parsnips, carrots and potatoes, and brussel sprouts and cauliflower, sage and onion stuffing and redcurrant jelly.  Absolutely delicious.
serving up Xmas lunch

Here I am serving up Xmas lunch with Neil’s sister.  For pudding we had traditional Xmas pudding, that I had won in the Xmas bazaar, and mince pies with cream.  And then we sat down to watch the Queen at 3pm.


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