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Is drilling boring??

Neil wanted to drill a hole, through from the kitchenette on the 2nd floor into our loft, to put phone wires and bell wires through.  So he positioned me in the loft with the walkie talkie and he was the other side of the wall drilling.  I was supposed to let him know when the drill came through. So there I was standing there waiting, and he was drilling and drilling but to no avail.

We came to the conclusion that the wall must be thicker than his longest drill, so we contacted a local hire place but they only had a 600 mm drill bit and Neil wanted a metre long one.  We tried several places on the net, to find that a 1000mm drill bit only fits into an SDS Max drill, which Neil didn’t have, so to cut this story short, he ordered one yesterday afternoon and the new drill and drill bit arrived by courier this morning at 7.20am!!

Neil with his big drill

So this afternoon I took up my position in the loft again with the walkie talkie and waited the other side of the wall.  Suddenly I was showered with brick dust as the drill finally broke through.  Hurrah!!!  That’s an expensive hole!!

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