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Walk through Buckland St Mary to the church and back.

During this coronavirus lockdown we are making more time to go for walks so that we get some exercise other than gardening.  Today we walked through the village up to the church and back and these are some of the views we saw along our way, for the benefit of those who don’t live locally.

Firstly the view across the fields from just up from our house.20200419_125805

A field had either been mowed or rolled into neat lines,20200420_114502

and this is where the footpath sign to the church is.20200420_114517

The telephone box by the telephone exchange is looking a bit worse for wear. Perhaps we could have a village book swap in there like some villages do?20200420_114849

Further up the lane a flag was flying.20200420_114956

We passed a Dutch barn where they store hay in the Winter and commented on the lovely view.20200420_115136

This is the lane to the mill.  We  have never been down there as we are told the path becomes very muddy.20200420_115221

A sign post shows the way to Buckland Church and in the other direction to Birchwood.20200420_115308

Bear right there and you can see the church.20200420_115336

Opposite the church is a small shelter.20200420_120407

The lychgate to the church has been recently renovated.20200420_120503

This is the wording as you pass under.20200420_120519

As we walked around the outside of the church we spotted this gargoyle.20200420_120631

The steps up at the back of the church lead to private land.20200420_120648

All the tombstones were showing up brightly in the sunshine.20200420_120748

The memorial still has some poppy wreaths on it.20200420_120858

On the way back home we stopped to look at the view towards Birchwood.20200420_121912

This is the lane homewards.20200420_122710

The junction of the lanes that make the triangle near us, also shows a neighbour’s field.20200420_123059

And home again.  En route we stopped to chatter to locals in their gardens or in their cars, all from a suitable 2 metre distance of course.  It makes for a sociable walk.


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Library in a phone box

Yesterday we were travelling to Wellington when we drove through a village called “Ford Street” and there on a patch of grass by the road was a telephone box that had been turned into a lending library. The telephone box was now completely redundant as a phone box as land lines and mobile phones are so freely available.


The library was operated on a honesty basis, with books on the shelves where previously the telephone had stood, and people were able to come and go freely and pick up or return a book.  There was quite a selection for a small space.


There was also a notice board where information on local events could be displayed and on the outside of the box an information map of the area.


What a brilliant use of a redundant phone box and creating a village amenity to boot.  Some old phone boxes have been sold on Ebay and people have them in their gardens but I think this was a much better use.  We have seen little libraries in pubs but this is the first one I have seen in a phone box.

The little post box was still there and at one time the phone box and post box would have been at the centre of the village or hamlet. the post box has the initials ER which would indicate it was put up in the reign of the current Queen post 1953.


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