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It’s Poppy time again

That time of year has come around again when we are in the lead up to Remembrance day Sunday and we are selling poppies for the British Legion.  The British Legion help serving members of the Armed Forces, ex-Service men and women and their families, now and for the rest of their lives. They provide practical care, advice and support to the Armed Forces family all year round.

Neil and I do door to door collecting in a very rural part of Buckland St Mary, where there are lots of farms and we have to go down farm tracks to arrive at the house to sell poppies.  We only do about 30 houses but it took us 3 hours on Saturday and then we went back on Sunday morning to try and catch the houses where the people were out on Saturday, so that took another 2 hours.  Mind you some of it is chatting to the people we meet, but that’s part of the job.


This year we had wrist bands of various colours and sizes to sell as well as poppies and crosses.  We managed to get all but 6 houses where we couldn’t get a reply so hopefully will have done quite well.  The Remembrance Day Sunday service is 3pm at Buckland St Mary church on Sunday 10th November.

We still have some vacancies in the B&B for November.

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