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All ready for Christmas

Well in one week we have done all the Christmas preparations and we are now ready for Christmas.  Last Friday we put up the tree.  We like to buy a real one, a non drop one, preferably a growing one in a pot, but the only pots they had were really small trees so we bought this one and decorated it with gold and red.


We put up two really large baubles from the beam in the lounge.


I also hang smaller baubles above the windows.                            DSC06142

Note the Reindeer antlers on the globe lamps, they are for wearing a bit nearer the time for a bit of silliness!!


I love to get a poinsettia at the this time of year.  They are so full of colour and you must surround yourself with red at Xmas.


This chappie always comes out at Xmas time too.  He was given to me by a friend I used to share a flat with many  years ago, but he is my favourite Father Christmas.


The presents are already wrapped and under the tree.


I love having our Christmas cards displayed on the dresser and the bookcase.


I have bought the turkey, and done all the food shopping, so now we really are ready for Christmas.

I  hope you are too.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2014.

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Tree baubles

Coming back from a lovely Christmas Eve pub lunch today we spotted these baubles in a tree on the roadside.  Some one has obviously been out doing a bit of guerrilla decorating!!  How Christmassy!!


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The Christmas decorations are up

Over the weekend we put up our Christmas decorations.  I wanted to buy a growing Christmas tree in a pot, so we could put it in the garden afterwards, but the only ones they had were tiny and we wanted a 5 foot tree, so we bought a cut one.  I decorated it with gold and red baubles.


Then I looked to the windows to hang some more baubles.  I saw this is Country Living magazine, but of course mine don’t look like the ones they had in their picture!!


You can see the reindeer antlers over the globe lamp.  I shall be wearing those on Wednesday when we do Christmas lunch for the old folk at the Golden Age Club!!

I have some really big baubles that we hang from the beam in the living room.


Then there are the icicle lights across the beam in the inglenook fireplace.  They were given to us by our ex next door neighbours where we used to live, and they fit just right here.


You see Neil has hung up his Xmas stocking in anticipation.  We also have lights all round the inside front door which can be seen from the outside, so it all looks jolly festive.  These are the lights and decorations across the mantlepiece in the lounge.


Cards all written and posted, decorations up, much of the shopping done, so now we are nearly ready for Christmas.

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Christmas Carol Services

We have been to two Christmas carol services in the past few days.  The first one was at Buckland St Mary church on Thursday evening.  The children from the Buckland St Mary C of E primary school led the proceedings by coming in by candelight, singing “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” – very cute.  We then had various carols and readings, some by children and some by parishioners.  The children sang “Oh Little town of Bethlehem” to a different tune to the one we know!! 

It’s jolly cold in Buckland church, so we had to wrap up warm, and after the service we were offered mince pies and hot mulled wine.

Then on Sunday (yesterday) we went to the Bishopswood village hall for the 3pm carol service organised by the free evangelical chapel in Bishopswood.  This was quite an informal affair, with people sat around tables which were decorated with Xmas trees or baubles and a dish of Quality Street sweets!!  Again we sang several carols and there were readings and a georgie poem about Xmas read by the new pastor. We were reminded by the pastor of the true meaning of Christmas, which can sometimes get lost amidst the presents and decorations and commercialised hype at this time of year.

After the service there was a feast.  I had been asked to make a cake, but there was lots of savoury dishes, quiches, sandwiches etc followed by lots of different types of cake and desserts such as trifle and cheesecake.  There was so much to eat that when we came home we decided we were too full to have dinner last night!!

Lots of people attended both services and which one did I prefer?  Both really, had their own merits, so I didn’t have a favourite.  It’s just nice participating in events held by the local community.

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