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On being inspected

Yesterday we were inspected by Bed and Breakfast Nationwide.  We hope to go into “The Little Green Book” of Bed and Breakfast for 2012 and as new entrants we had to be inspected.  This meant a major tidy up and clean and now we really need to keep it this way as we have our first B&B guests arriving at the weekend.

We had to lay the bedroom out exactly as it would be for guests, with the new bedlinen on the bed and the new towels laid out.

the guest bedroom

Then we had to lay the table out as it would be for breakfast, but without all the perishables on it.  It is surprising how much stuff you need to lay out if you are offering cereal followed by cooked breakfast followed by toast and jam etc.

The table laid for breakfast

It was quite fun really as we had bought crockery with hens on a couple of years ago in Windsor before we moved here, knowing that we would use it for the B&B, and then I bought place mats with hens on too, to match, so at last I got to put it all out.

Another view of the breakfast table

We are so looking forward to welcoming guests to our house.  Anyway the inspection went really well and we are to be included into the directory for next year, which should give us lots more exposure to potential guests and we look forward to a busy Spring and Summer 2012.

If you want to know more about our B&B visit

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Neil and I are proud to present the launch of our new website, which went live today.

Please have a look at :

and let us know what  you think.

We await our first enquiries with great anticipation.

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more on the finished guest room

I’m still new to this blogging, and the last post only shows 2 photos so here is another one.

view of the bed in the guest room

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The finished guest room

At last the guest room for the B&B is finished.  Just in time for Neil’s sister to come and visit.  All the hard work has eventually paid off. We wanted to create a room that was comfortable and where guests feel they can just chill out.  Carole loves it, so we hope future guests will too.

view though the window of the guest room

The guest roomview of the bed in the guest room

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