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Bee Inspection

Today Neil was visited by the Defra Bee Inspector who came to have a look through Neil’s hives to check for disease and advise on any issues Neil had.  Neil and he spent 2 hours going through the hives, taking them apart and checking the brood chambers to ensure they were healthy.  Hives no 1 and no 2 have some verrora in them. This is a blood sucking mite that attacks the bees.  After Neil has taken the honey off he will then treat these hives with Apiguard to rid them of the verrora. 

Hive no 3 is a very healthy and busy hive, which is storing away quite a bit of honey, which we will take off soon.  The bee inspector advised Neil to split this hive, as there is a viable queen cell on one of the frames, which means the bees are making a new queen.  If Neil removes this frame and puts it into a new hive along with some of the bees, when the new queen emerges, hopefully she will form a new colony.

Neil was also advised to put a small colony into a smaller hive to over winter it, thus ensuring they stay warm during the winter and hopefully will survive the cold weather. He also advised feeding it to build up stores for the winter.

It’s always useful to have another pair of eyes to look through the hives and have someone more experienced to answer any questions.  With beekeeping you are learning all the time.

The Bee Inspector relaxes with a cup of tea 2nd Aug 2011

Here is Simon the Bee Inspector enjoying a well earned cup of tea and piece of honey cake after spending 2 hours looking through the hives in the sunshine today.

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We went to a Waggle Dance!!!

Yesterday evening we went to the Taunton and District Beekeepers’ Waggle Dance and Hog roast.

So what is a Waggle Dance I hear you ask?  Well it’s the movements that the bees do to tell other bees where the forage is. But for us humans it is a celidh!!

Dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

This took place in Neroche Hall which is a converted church.  There was a folk band and a caller, and as no one really knew what they were doing we had to concentrate on the instructions from the caller, to know when to swing your partner, form an arch or dose do!

more dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

The hog roast was delicious as were the puds!.  It was a glorious evening and we had great fun dancing the evening away.  See what fun us country folk get up to!!

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